Raspberry Pi Launch of an energy-saving microcomputer that powers ventilators for 5$

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The British Raspberry Pi Foundation for Digital Technologies recently launched a small computer (Raspberry), a single-core board, it called Pi Zero, to operate artificial respirators, which have been in high demand due to the outbreak of Covid-19 disease.

It seems that hospitals and health centers have started to turn to Raspberry boards for the same reasons, which have paid 30 million technology enthusiasts to use them, since the foundation's launch in 2012; They are inexpensive and portable. Plus the relatively simple requirements for ventilator systems make Pi-zero a suitable option.

At just $ 5, Pi Zero, the cheapest and least energy-consuming board, is among Raspberry's products, as well as easy to produce, making it a good choice to meet the growing demand in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. According to the British TechExplore website.

"The institution is working to achieve good stock, regardless of demand ... It is the first time that we have used Raspberry in medical equipment," the American site Toms Hardware, quoting Ibin Upton, CEO of the Raspberry Foundation, said.

The Raspberry Pi ventilators have yet to be tested in the United States. But a medical team in Colombia is currently designing, a Raspberry Pi -based model using easily obtainable mechanical parts; Like automobile valves. After the animal tests are done, they will test it in humans.