A device that detects the emerging corona virus within 90 minutes

1 year ago 32397

A small company in the United Kingdom - called DNA Nudge - invented a machine the size of a toaster to detect the emerging corona virus in just 90 minutes without the need for additional testing, and the National Health Service in the United Kingdom decided to order 5,000 devices in the first phase of a contract worth 211 Million dollars.

Bloomberg revealed that the device was initially designed to help users adapt their diet according to their genes, but Christopher Tomazo, the founder of the company and a professor at Imperial College London, decided to make a radical change in light of the outbreak of the emerging corona virus pandemic.

"It was my dream to provide these tests to consumers," Bloomberg quoted Tomazo as saying. "It quickly detects infection with the virus rather than suffering from suspicion, and this would be very useful."

The device does not need more than taking a swab from the nose or some saliva to detect the effects of the emerging corona virus, and it can also detect other diseases such as influenza and human respiratory syncytial virus infection. It alerts the user if the scanned sample is insufficient and that he should retest, but its accuracy is still unknown. The company, "DNA Nudge", claims that the device has sufficient accuracy to detect potential infected with the virus.